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Yes, many of us know the phrase “Design Like You Give a Damn” from the book published by Architecture for Humanity. Well, the radio program To The Best of Our Knowledge just had an amazing program on this very subject. As you can expect, the founder of Architecture for Humanity was featured in it. The program went into many different examples of how design can help solve many of the global problems we face while improving the overall quality of life for the inhabitants of this world. The entire hour was quite inspiring and well worth the listen, no matter your walk of life.

The topic of how design can make the world a better place is definitely not new – however, more people seem to actually be interested nowadays. For most of its existence, design has been grossly misunderstood. With our generation receiving the torch (whether voluntary or not) from the “Me Generation”, I find it highly hopeful and motivating that topics such as these are gaining more interest.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Delicious – Design Like You Give a Damn”

  1. Each week To The Best Of Our Knowledge is broadcast on our local public radio station in the Bay Area, KQED, in 2 one hour segments on Sunday night. We look forward to listening each week. Both of this week’s segments were excellent and come highly recommended. You can listen to them online if you are interested 🙂

  2. Leah, I love KQED’s programming! They never let me down.

    I wanted to share some positive thoughts related to this post. First of all, thank you PJ for highlighting such a worthwhile book and website (Architecture for Humanity.) They really deserve as much exposure as possible.

    Secondly, an avid Some Random Dude reader (Wild Guess) and I took a trip to the SFMOMA. (Membership passes rule!) While perusing through the gift store, I was amazed to find many recent publications on the topic of sustainable, green design as well as design for the purpose of helping society. Hopefully, this is a new direction that will continue to grow in popularity. I only wish I took down some of the book titles!

  3. Leah – I’m looking forward to our next TTBOOK date. 😉

    Kellie – Yeah, green design is everywhere right now. Honestly, architecture and industrial design are dominating the design scene right now – and for good reason. Graphic design is definitely holding up the rear at this point.

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