Design Open Discussion – What is Your Design Style?

The topic is fairly straight-forward. Are you more digitally or traditionally inclined? Is there a genre that your work always seems to fit in? If you do not know what style you follow (if any), explain what direction your work leans towards. Please be descriptive and explain why you think you got there to begin with. I know it is a Friday and everybody’s head is already in the weekend, but if you could, spend a couple minutes and share your thoughts – this could be a fun one.

6 thoughts on “Design Open Discussion – What is Your Design Style?”

  1. Digital for me, for some reason, I’m not really good with a sharpie and paper. Most of my work tend to be for communities so mainly I create icons, banners and thos cute little sigs that people use in forums. I’m looking forward to improving my cell shading technique on vectors though and that’ll probably be the direction I go in the future.

    Either that or I’ll be stuck creating icons forever.

  2. Hey man, thanks for participating!

    I definitely dig how Illustrator can be so much more powerful than a piece of paper and a pencil at times. I still try to take a step back and hit the sketchpad, but it is really tempting just to say with the mouse and keyboard at times.

  3. I’m caught in between digital and analog. I like to leverage the qualities of both. I can’t even fathom someone who uses only on or the other.

    My style is: Dysfunctional. ADHD. Blurry. Off centered. Drunk. Fuzzy. Sometimes crisp and clean but not for too long. But somehow works.

  4. As far as how I like my website to look I try to go more digital, but also something very clean and minimalist. I try to encompass beauty into design; make people think “wow, thats pretty”. I find web design and the communication of information is an art form in itself, and I enjoy exploring different ways of doing transferring that information. Above all I try to carve my own style.

    Thats my $0.02 🙂

  5. This is a difficult question to answer. I have been pondering it for a while (as evident from my delay in response.)
    Looking at my personal work now vs. my college days, I noticed that I have bypassed a lot of the traditional sketching process. Why? Tight deadlines leave little time to take pleasure in actually drawing out ideas. Jumping to the computer right away makes things go more quickly. On the other hand, my style of work–whether print or web–has more of an organic, traditional quality to it. I am naturally drawn to styles and looks that have a hand-done feel…even though I may have created the look/effects digitally. Sometimes, I am fortunate and have the time to actually scan in traditional, hand-rendered type or manipulated images free of photoshop filters. This happens rarely.

    (I apologize if this sounds convoluted or contradictory. It was difficult to explain.)

  6. Right on Kellie. I’m on the same page as u are. I’ve also skipped the sketching stuff. But I do bust it out once and a while just to get back to my roots!

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