New icon set in the works…

I’m working on another font-icon set from a previous study I did a while back. I still have a while to go, but I thought I’d show what I have at this point just for the hell of it. The name is most likely going to change and there will be most likely two more weights. I’ll offer the entire set for download when it’s complete.

2 thoughts on “New icon set in the works…”

  1. wow – they look cool! wtg 🙂 admire anyone who has the patience (and aptitude) to create fonts.

    think one can see that these could look pretty excellent… shall be back to check on your progress.


  2. Great work in terms of abstraction of layout! This code library is a complex vision of something I decided I needed to build a while ago.. I think this is a great stepping stone for many interactive uses and I will be using it asap.

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